Royal Route (2,7km):

This is the most interesting historic route in Gdańsk, the longest urban axis of the European Middle Ages. Its beginning is the Upland Gate. It then runs alongside the Foregate Complex, through the Golden Gate, Długa Street, to Długi Targ. There, through the Green Gate and the Żuławska Gate, it leads to the end - Nowe Ogrody Street. A walk along this beautiful route once traveled by kings will be an amazing experience.

Neptune's fountain (1,2km):

The symbol of Gdańsk and one of the most photographed objects with which every tourist must have a photo. Neptune, the mythological god of the seas and oceans, stood in the city on Długi Targ right in front of the Artus Court in 1633. The fountain is surrounded by an octagonal forged balustrade with four decorative gates, topped with the Gdańsk coat of arms and the crowned eagle.

Amber Museum (210m):

It documents the history of amber and the history of amber in Poland. It is located in a medieval historic water mill in the Old Town of Gdańsk. So far, it has been visited by over a million visitors. The museum has the only lizard inclusion in Poland, i.e. an amber nugget from 40 million years ago, inside which there is a mummified lizard.

Gdańsk Shipyard, Imperial Shipyard and Young City (1,2km):

Gdańsk Shipyard one of the largest Polish shipyards, located in Gdańsk on the left bank of the Martwa Wisła and in Ostrów. During its activity, it has built over 1,000 fully equipped seagoing ships, including container ships, passenger ships and sailing ships. The Imperial Shipyard Trail is becoming more and more popular. Along it, there are 13 panels with descriptions and visual materials on which you can learn about the history of the shipyard and the people who worked here. Sculptures-robots, the so-called castaways, are the hallmark of this area. Recently, a new viewpoint has been opened in the shipyard - the M3 Crane, from which you can admire the panorama of the shipyard area.

European Solidarity Center (750m):

It is a modern cultural institution which aims to perpetuate the memory of "Solidarity" and the fall of communism in Europe. It is an educational center, research and scientific center, archive, library and media library. It is a public space and a meeting place.